During registration I read on the rule page that I would need to make an intro thread or risk having my account deleted. This thread is to satisfy that demand.

Im not real big on introductions so Ill just go with why Im here. I predict my reasons are likely the same as most who would be reading this. I hope to read/learn, and when I can add something of value to the conversation, contribute to various topics relating to Satanism. I also look forward to participating in any other topics that I may find to be of interest. Conversation with like minded individuals is often mentally stimulating and entertaining, who doesnt enjoy those things?

I have read through The Satanic Bible a number of times, and the other obvious books that would likely be on a recommended reading list. I have not read them all to the same degree of contemplation or repetition, but have enjoyed them as well. While I do identify myself as a Satanist, I have not yet formally registered as a member of The Church of Satan. I do plan to do so in the near future though. Ive had the intention to for many years, but until recently, Ive just been more focused on going through the education and understanding process.Taking the time to enjoy my introspective thoughts with no real desire to discuss what has brought me to where I am today in regard to being a Satanist. The absence of having a community that could offer access to thought provoking conversation on that topic is what ultimately lead me to joining this particular forum.

So, hello, and thanks for reading my introduction post.