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#463070 - 10/31/11 07:38 PM Thread Necromancy
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What's the policy (official or otherwise) on thread necromancy? I searched the site for 'necromancy' and 'thread resurrection' but didn't see a reference to them, but I know the rules vary by boards.

#463072 - 10/31/11 07:46 PM Re: Thread Necromancy [Re: ElizabethC.]
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No official rule but typically frowned on. There is definitely no rule against repeat topics (sufficiently separated in time) so if there's something new to add, a new thread possibly with a link to the old one if there were comments in it relevant to the topic at hand would be a good idea.

Really old threads probably have a lot of participants no longer present to respond, and may confuse infrequent visitors who don't check the dates into believing it's actually a recent thread.

Of course, it's not a hard rule. If you're pretty sure most persons involved in the thread are still present, and the thread isn't sorely dated, go ahead and dig it up. But I think if you have the judgement to know when that's a good idea, you won't need me to tell you.
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#463095 - 11/01/11 05:18 AM Re: Thread Necromancy [Re: ElizabethC.]
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Thanks. I know that sort of thing drives me crazy on other boards so I just wanted to check.


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