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#463751 - 11/11/11 03:25 PM The Devil's Diary XVIII
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Received the new issue of the Devil's Diary(XVIII) the other day and I must say that I was certainly impressed with the quality of this publication.

Lets start with the cover.

The artwork is by Magus Gilmore and is entitled "River God." A remarkable piece and surely one that will appeal to all our inner Lovecrafts."

Getting into the magazine proper, we find the first pages filled with some very appropriate tiding from Warlock Blackthorn.

Those are then followed by Warlock Tier Instinct's most enjoyable interview with Magaus Gilmore in which they discuss such topics as the West Memphis Three, Magus Gilmore's art and music and even a hinted a film project!

Warlock Zoth Ommog then gets the "third degree", again at the hands of Warlock Tier Instinct. If you have an interest in the death metal genre and horror flicks, you'll definitely enjoy this.

Some poetry rounds the issue out and was provided by Mimi Daeva, Citizen Robert Leuthold, Mike Scaturo, and Cole Houx.

In summation, if you;re looking for the authentic voice of Satanism, you'll definitely find it within the pages of the Devil's Diary.


#463768 - 11/11/11 08:33 PM Re: The Devil's Diary XVIII [Re: Unknown User]
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Good to hear that you enjoyed the interviews for this edition of The Devil's Diary. Magus Gilmore and Warlock Zoth Ommog were wonderful guests and I was honored to have interviewed them. Warlock Blackthorne has continued this diabolical publication and it is always my pleasure to contribute to this journal of The Infernal Empire.
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