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#466449 - 12/19/11 07:24 AM LTTD public e-mail and spam
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I received two private messages and one e-mail from Dalia, email [email protected]

The messages continue to say a bunch of non sense, but most disturbing part of the messages is that they are signed "best regards, undercroft administration".

I did a google search for the e-mail address and it was linked with being a spammer and trying to obtain personal information.

I have sense removed my publicly visible email address from the LTTD personal profile.
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#466470 - 12/19/11 12:06 PM Re: LTTD public e-mail and spam [Re: misanthropichero]
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I got a PM from this user, too.

#466486 - 12/19/11 01:49 PM Re: LTTD public e-mail and spam [Re: misanthropichero]
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I also received one from someone called Nadia it was titled: I Believe You are the one I'm searching For.

Whoever it is states that they are from Iran and a bunch of crap about how space or religion cannot separate us. Whomever it is also gives a hotmail email address.
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#466488 - 12/19/11 02:05 PM Re: LTTD public e-mail and spam [Re: de_Lioncourt]
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I received that exact same PM, de_Lioncourt.
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#466503 - 12/19/11 04:37 PM Re: LTTD public e-mail and spam [Re: misanthropichero]
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I Also received a message from dalia stating that she had something very important to tell me. Goddamn it! Another pregnancy scare? Do I now have a scorching case of herpes? WTF is going on?

#466559 - 12/20/11 06:19 AM Re: LTTD public e-mail and spam [Re: misanthropichero]
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I've received a message here and on the undercroft. Nadia messaged me here but her profile name was black so I did not bother to try and answer. On the UnderCroft I got the message from Dalia and I answered her that I am not sending her any email to her address and if she needed to speak with me she could correspond with me through the undercroft account. She wrote back trying to get me to e-mail her so I figured it was something fishy. Either she is trying to spam my e-mail address or she wants me to marry her and get her ass out of Iran. Neither one sounds very appealing to me.

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#466562 - 12/20/11 06:47 AM Re: LTTD public e-mail and spam [Re: misanthropichero]
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Last week I received a PM on Letters to the Devil from Nadia of Iran, asking for advice [on matters unspecified] to be sent to his/her/its email. I automatically deleted it.
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#466641 - 12/21/11 02:17 AM Re: LTTD public e-mail and spam [Re: misanthropichero]
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I got a surprise of three messages at the same time from some strange girl, which wished to contact me and simply needed me to answer. Deleted this crap and wrote about it to admin.
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