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#467433 - 01/04/12 04:20 PM Re: Lex Talionis Definition [Re: Hagen von Tronje]
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I would argue that the punishment must always be more severe than the crime, or else there is no deterrent value.

If I steal $100 from you, and my punishment is only a $100 fine if caught, then I risk nothing. If I am successful I am $100 richer, if caught then I have paid no greater penalty than what I was able to gain anyway.

On the other hand, if theft of $100 led to a year of forced labor, then I might think twice about stealing a wallet.

True. But I think the legal system isn't designed to prevent crime but rather give justice to those who crimes are committed against. Even in states where there is a death penalty crimes are still committed that cause people to be put to death. Though it does lower the crime rate it still won't fully prevent it.

Not all criminals would think things through but harsher consequences wouldn't hurt either.

#467468 - 01/05/12 10:49 AM Re: Lex Talionis Definition [Re: Unknown]
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Here is myt definition of Lex talionis:

'It is a universal truth that an action will bring an opposite reaction. The person’s actions will bring him/her positive or negative consequences. Doing stupid things will bring you negative outcomes, and above all, if you repeat them, you automatically drop yourself in a Earthly Hell.
Just think some negative aspects of your life, and you will see that all are the reactions of this universal truth. Yes my friend, betrayal left you alone, stupidity gave you a bad name inside your cycle, laziness filled you with emptiness, lack of exercise, made you fat; blind and without reason violence resulted to a criminal record, all these consequences are result of the undeniable truth of Lex Talionis.
You simply cannot take and give nothing in return; you will do it once, ok, it may be a success, you do it twice, it may this time be a success too, but from this point on you start isolating yourself from your social playground.
I do not believe, that all human inside society are ‘predators’ but there always will be someone stronger, in many terms, than you. Thus, in order to be a ‘real predator’ you have to imitate other earthly animals. They only hunt in order to eat, and they always fight in order to defend themselves…
If you spend your days, fighting the one opponent after the other, without important reason, near or far, you are expendable…
My personal opinion is that if one gives me 5, I will give him 15, but if he took from me 5, I will take from him, or I will try to, 15…
Lex Talionis, is a balancing factor that exists in Earth, it keeps in equilibrium all animals, and of course humans. Can you imagine, millions of stupid people, doing one stupidity after the other and getting away with it? A REAL HELL ON EARTH.'
The idea of Sin, does not belong in the thought of the Magus. Sin, from the concept of defying physical laws, is not possible, without immediate consequences, from the application of forces that work from the aforementioned laws, if disequilibrium is made...

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