A brief introduction about myself……..

If I was to say I’ve been a Satanist my whole life, I’d be lying, as I only read The Satanic Bible about 6 or 7 years ago, so until then, didn’t know what a Satanist was, but I have been myself my whole life! Born not made.

I don’t have a particularly religious background or up bringing, so can’t do the whole ‘disillusioned christian’ bit, although my batty old Grandma was a bit of a god-botherer, and when she heard me shouting ‘Jesus Christ!’ at the top of my voice when I was a toddler, she thought I was obviously destined to be a man of the cloth, and not that I’d been watching Dad unsuccessfully try to hang flock wallpaper the day before! If she’d stayed for a second cup of tea, she would have heard me exclaim

‘For f*cks sake why won’t this basta*d stuff stay on the fu*cking wall!?’

Which was lucky for me, as I was firmly her favourite grandchild from that day on!

I don’t want to pretentiously claim to have been an ‘outsider’ my whole life, but as a child I had quite a severe stammer, which still appears from time to time when stressed or overly tired. This meant I spent far more of my childhood listening than speaking, and I learnt very early on that most people are idiots, and not worth the considerable effort it took on my part to engage them in conversation!

I have many passions in life, with photography and motorcycles being top of the list! (Although currently bikeless!)
I have a very varied taste in music from a bit of opera through to industrial techno, but if I had to chose a genre that I identify with most, it would be proper old school punk rock with The Damned being my slight fanboy obsession!

I’m happily married to a beautiful Satanic woman, although she claims not to be a Satanist, she’s more Satanic than most alleged Satanists I‘ve met! I have a wonderful teenage daughter, whose terrible taste in music and boys is a constant worry to me!

So, this brief introduction has dragged on far longer than planned. If you want to know any more, just ask. All I want from this forum is some intelligent conversation, a bit of a laugh and possibly some inspiration.

Don’t confuse my personality and my attitude. My personality is who I am; my attitude depends on who you are.