From the Church of Satan website you can see on the page Sources that it states:

If you come across a site claiming or implying some connection to the Church of Satan, or endorsement by the Church of Satan, yet they are not linked via this site, then you, gentle browser, are being had. Caveat Emptor!

Then if you scroll down to the link for the Temple of the Vampire you can see it is listed under "Societies" along with another non-COS, non-Satanist organization, the Bat Conservation International.

The Temple is a separate organization from the Church of Satan and obviously has the Church's respect to be linked there.

The Church of Satan has had a long history of tolerance for members belonging to other organizations such as clubs, fraternal orders, and so forth, with the exception of any groups that advocate crime, or are critical of and opposed to the Church of Satan.

I will mention here that both organizations hold a mutual respect for the other but are entirely separate otherwise.

As a consequence the Church does not discuss the Temple of the Vampire and if you wish to learn more then you can always contact that organization directly.

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