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#469325 - 02/05/12 11:01 PM Being Offended
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#469369 - 02/06/12 10:18 AM Re: Being Offended [Re: XUL]
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That guy put it all precisely and hilariously. XD
I don't think there's much more to be said other than specific examples of this "offenditarian" behavior put into widely acceptable practice in the media and political spheres.

But what the hell I'll comment more anyway.

Everyone wants their "community" to be special and get special treatment as victims of historical abuse and such. And to help their own whiny bullshit and collectivist special-treatment cause, they join in sacred solidarity with other easily offended people to bitch and moan and parade and about in the most obnoxious fashion, demanding laws to punish anyone who speaks against their minority "rights."

We all know majority rights are racist though no matter what. wink

They complain about being collectively discriminated against, I guess, in the past, and then see any minor jokes made about them even on an individual level as part of that collective "oppression," whether or not anyone gives a shit about their skin color, head shape, mode of transportation, hat preference or shoe size.

And then offended groups feel free to make whatever sweeping assumptions, jokingly or scathingly, against the oh-so-oppressive groups. Because if the "imperialist oppressors" respond in kind, that's... *gasp* Offensive! 0_0

*rolls eyes*

"Offendetarian" by the way, for those not familiar with the term, was invented by the good Reverend Slaughter (of the Church of Satan;)

"A portmanteau of "offended" and "humanitarian". It describes someone who has made a lifestyle out of finding deep offense in most any situation.
Usually offense is found "on behalf" of other people who represent a definable group that the offenditarian themselves are clearly not a part of.

This is usually to make a display of "solidarity", an important word in the lexicon of offenditarians.

There is a strict hierarchy of human value, with handicapable African American lesbian female gendered womyn taking the top spot, and white cysgendered males being "worth" only 1/16th of the former.

The irony of offenditarianism is that if one becomes offended on behalf of someone higher on the value scale, the person higher up can use that to then become offended by the "patronizing," "colonialist" mindset of the offenditarian."

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In Poland about two years ago some lady insulted a homosexual calling him a fag. He went to court and she was forced to pay him quite a big sum of money. If you insult somebody, calling him names in public, (and she did it in the shop), he can sue you. Such is the law. But this case became very popular, because for the first time, sexual minority started defending their rights with the help of the legal sysem.

More often, we have religious fanatics being offended by the concerts they did not attend, by the songs they did not hear, by the movies they did not watch and by the pictures they did not see. That nobody forces you to go to the cinema, concert, gallery or buy a CD or DVD is one thing but when you do not see something how can you say that it is offensive?

Fortunately, people are getting used to democracy. I remember in the 90s old and devout folks kneeling in front of the cinemas and praying the rosary to protest against the British movie "Priest". It was a good free advertisement as a big number of people went to cinemas to watch this film, just to see what all this fuss was about.
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