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Due to some conflict over my intentions I've moved my earlier intro from another thread to here. So anyway here it goes:

Hello, I'm new here. Like others have suggested I will be keeping my identity private.

For those who care, I'm currently exploring whether or not the Church of Satan is right for me. I intended to read the entire Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey cover-to-cover before deciding. My casual research suggests I agree with and the Church of Satan approx 75-80% of the time. Being an ex-Catholic that is more agreement than I ever had with the Catholic Church, even when I considered myself to be a "good" Catholic. I do understand that unlike traditional religions the CofS view of god and Satan is that of archetypes, not literal beings.

Ultimately I have concerns about my compatibility with the CofS, but I already believe there is enough alignment with my current views that it is worth exploring.

I am considering blogging my enlightenment as I go. If I do I will share the link for the benefit of other seekers.

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If you don't mind me asking, what percentage of the Church of Satan do you not agree with? I'm not sure if I'm overstepping boundaries, if so, I'll just shut up. I know others that say the same thing, and I usually ask them out of curiosity. Mostly people that I know. Lots of newcomers that come into Satansim can't accept the carnal aspect of the religion, or they simply can't look at themselves as their own god. It's mostly people who have had spiritual backgrounds.

Welcome to the forums! smile
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Originally Posted By: Waya
If you don't mind me asking, what percentage of the Church of Satan do you not agree with?

Fair question. And thanks for the warm welcome. Mostly I'm concerned that the writings Church of Satan promote unmanageable ideas regarding perceived personal wrongs. Here are some statements I currently disagree with.

"Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek."
-From the 9 Satanic Statements

"If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat them cruelly and without mercy."

"When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask them to stop. If they don’t stop, destroy them."

It just seems impractical to me to treat others so badly for what may be nothing more than a misunderstanding.

Also, in practice I'm not sure the Church of Satan is consistent at holding up to it's own stated values. As an example consider the 9th Satanic sin "Lack of Aesthetics". Then also consider that on the CofS website there are numerous external links to artists and musicians. However, many of the links are broken. Also some of the art and music is of outstanding quality, but much of it is not.

I understand every organization fails to meet every aspect of it's high-minded goals, so I'm not trying to nit-pick. But I do need to get a better handle on these kinds of matters for my own satisfaction.

Thanks for asking and reading.

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No one from the Church of Satan is going to follow you around to observe how you choose to interpret and implement these principles.

The point is that you agree with the principles.

If someone wrongs you, is it your first response to forgive them and make excuses for why they are that way (the Christian approach), or want to get justice (the Satanic approach)?

First, see the principle as a principle, before worrying about your imaginings about how you think other Satanists might put the principle in action.

If someone screws with you while you're out and about, just minding your own business, you might ask them to knock it off. Right? If they don't, do you play the victim, or do you have measures in place to take care of yourself? No one but you can look out for you.

If you have guests over, and one is really pissing you off, do you put up with it, or do something about it? It's your damn place, after all.

First, see the principle. Don't worry for now about the details of fine calibrating the response.

The beauty of it is that you are the only one responsible for calibrating what you need to do in any situation so that it works out in your favor.

Do you agree with the principles of seeking justice when wronged, being left alone in public and having the right to defend yourself when you are not, and having the right to expect your guests to behave as you wish while they are in your space?

It's really not complicated.

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Thoughtful points indeed.

Unlike the previous post, I think that sometimes stuff is complicated. Especially when dealing with abstractions.

Little god amongst the gods.

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Nicely said!

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However, many of the links are broken.

This is already being addressed and will be corrected.

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Satanism is not for everybody. For some, it is a perfect fit. For some, it is not. If you have not read The Satanic Bible, I suggest you do. Think of it as your glass slipper.
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I am not the person whom should give opinions or advices but I think everybody should read the Satanic Bible before starting to discuss about Satanism cause Satanism is current religion with Ritual and Dogma..

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