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#470890 - 03/04/12 03:04 AM The God Machine
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This video clip gives a brief description of synthetic biology.

We -- the human race -- are facing an interesting paradox: Intelligent design. Being as there's little in nature that indicates that all existing things aren't accumulated by a sort of metaphysical random number generator (i.e. no God) the act of assuming the role of a Creator is now at hand.

If synthetic biology can deliver what it promises we will soon have software (DNA code) that's able to "write" its own hardware (physical form) through an intelligent organisation of four components: A, T, G and C (the four amino acids that all life forms are constructed from) in a fashion similar to how all computer code is ultimately built from the symbols 0 and 1.

So where is this going to take us? If we judge by how the internet came into being, something along the lines of how "sex" immediately became the most used search word (and remains so to this day) ought to give us an indication of where this is heading: Pornotopia.

The Matrix is going to be an interwebbed milking machine that keeps the entire human race eternally suspended in a state of orgasmic bliss, whereas who-cares-what is going on "outside" of this masterpiece of engineering. smile

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I am mostly impressed with the implications of how this and related technology can extend the length of human life.

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