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#471000 - 03/06/12 04:40 AM Who I used to be
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Over a year ago I joined LTTD as Sanguinary. I stopped communicating in February last year due to a whole host of events beyond my control i.e. computer crash, changes in work environment, moving house requiring further travel, etc.

When I got resettled (a few months later) I tried and tried to get back in as Sanguinary and was not able to. Iíd forgotten my password and received no follow-up e-mail.

My life was still a little hectic and so Iíve been trying every few months and still the same issues occur.

I was left with the only option of re-registering under a new id with a new e-mail contact address. I donít want to enter the boards with this new Ďidentityí and re-introduce myself. I was active in posts before and I want to get back into communicating with the Satanic community.

Iím not sure if this should be recorded as a bug as it could be issues with communicating with Australia. I know that in between February last year and when I got a new computer there were changes and I now am not able to access American programs like the Daily Show and Colbert, etc.

At any rate before I start posting I was wondering if my name could be reset to Sanguinary or should I continue as Smoulder.

I awaiting your advice.

My infernal regards to all of you.


Problem resolved.

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#471963 - 03/27/12 04:53 PM Nothing to see here [Re: Sanguinary]
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Sorry about this, but this reply is purely to get rid of the post on the front page entitled "Who I used to be".

I've clicked it about 12 times now (I forget things) thinking "ooh, that's an intriguing title for a post"...expecting some interesting foray into the mind of someone who has come to some startling realisation about themselves and embarked upon an exciting journey of re-evaluation and reinvention.

Only to find some shit about a lost username.

No offence intended...but imagine my repeated disappointment.

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