When I was younger the schooling system in my country was very much influenced by the Catholic Church. One was able to choose between good catholic schools or bad state schools offering a bad education. The struggle for life being a natural born Satanist was not difficult but a great deal of lesser magic needed to be applied to come out as number one. Even then times were changing (also for most of my friends) but one had little means of actually changing his environment if the choice was better education.
At present, being a father myself, I have seen times changing for the better. State schools are the choice to make for a good education and catholic school are struggling to get funds. These religion indoctrinating communities posing as places of knowledge should go out of business all together and I have good hope it will happen someday!
Observing my kids I enjoy seeing that the rules of the jungle are being applied and that they are thought to think for themselves (of course also by me) without turning to imaginary higher beings for thanks. On the playground kids not belonging are ignored or expelled without merci. Even though the moral education at school is still divided between philosophy (mostly humanism), Catholicism and Islam you are still left with a choice and the strong are able to become stronger without the inhibitory factor of God or Allah. Iím happy that my son comes home telling me that a lot of his classmates are talking bull about hell and fire if they donít behave smile.