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#472161 - 03/30/12 04:06 PM illegal drugs
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I'm sure this has been answered before, although a search didn't bring up any results.

I know the CoS "unequivocally opposes" any illegal drug use. I understand being opposed to substance abuse, I myself am opposed to abusing narcotics.

I don't understand why some drugs such as alcohol and tobacco are okay, yet other drugs such as cannabis are not. What does legal status have to do with anything? I think most would agree cigarettes do more harm than marijuana.

I'm really not seeing what legal status has to do with anything. I smoke weed socially, a couple times a month maybe... but because I'm not in Amsterdam the CoS opposes it?

Hopefully someone will clear this up for me.

#472162 - 03/30/12 04:45 PM Re: illegal drugs [Re: illspirit]
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I'm really not seeing what legal status has to do with anything.


Then you are a moron.

Time for you to go elsewhere.

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Originally Posted By: illspirit

Hopefully someone will clear this up for me.

1. The CoS as you've noted does not condone illegal activity of any kind.

2. No one in the CoS endorses or encourages using legal substances that can harm you. But because they are legal, they are not in the same category as harmful things that are also illegal.

Satanists may legally indulge in whatever they like, but they know full well that they and only they will be expected to bear the burden of whatever negative consequences ensue, and know damn well not to expect automatic sympathy from other Satanists for suffering the consequences of stupid choices made over a lifetime, like lung cancer or cirrhosis of the liver.

This subject is covered in (absurdist ad nauseum) detail in accessible places on this message board, but you apparently didn't bother researching this more before posting.

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Because we don't endorse illegal activity, period. Marijuana is absolutely more harmful than cigarettes, because cigarettes won't land your ass in jail.

We're opposed to doing stupid shit. Doing something that will get you put in jail is fucking stupid.

Besides this philosophical objection to doing something so overtly self destructive, is it really possible that you failed to imagine that we are, by definition, a controversial religion already saddled with significant negative baggage? Did you really think we've survived this long by putting ourselves in the crosshairs?

I repeat: we do not endorse or permit among our members any illegal activity, victimless or otherwise, because it is illegal and doing illegal things will get you put in jail.
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Man, what's the point in thumb-tacking TWO threads on this topic to the top of the section, if nobody's going to read them?

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