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#243318 - 05/16/07 01:35 PM Website Banners
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Based upon quite a few requests, here is a list of banners that can be used for various sites that I am associated with.

Copy the code below to add our banner!

Copy the code below to add our banner!

Copy the code below to add our banner!

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#243367 - 05/16/07 04:42 PM Re: Website Banners [Re: Magister Frost]
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Awesome! Thank you very much, Magister. And as always, I wish you the best success with all your ventures!

#244192 - 05/21/07 07:25 AM Re: Website Banners [Re: Magister Frost]
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I like the necklaces there, it takes forever to find something like that here in Denmark, but after 6 hours of hunting, I did find a nice new necklace today.

Denmark is full of jewelry, but I want something unique, and it's NOT always easy to find.

#314488 - 03/13/08 05:41 PM Re: Website Banners [Re: LightAngel]
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I am a new member to this great community. The answer to "antichrist". Believing in Satanism, does not mean being antichrist but the fact that there is always two sides to a coin. Day and night always goes hand in hand. Everyone of us has a Satan in us!!!

#323229 - 04/23/08 02:05 PM Re: Website Banners [Re: Magister Frost]
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Thank you, Magister. I put them in my links section on my music page!
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#327784 - 05/14/08 03:12 AM Re: Website Banners [Re: Magister Frost]
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Thanks so much for posting these, I have added the link to this page to my new website that I am currently building.
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#370375 - 01/30/09 03:31 AM Re: Website Banners [Re: Magister Frost]
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Thank you!!
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#473154 - 04/18/12 07:44 AM Re: Website Banners [Re: Magister Frost]
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Thank You, Magister. I will be adding these links to my site.
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