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Greetings from a long time lurker, first time poster

Whilst raised in a Christian household, it was far from a fundamental upbringing and from a young age was encouraged by my parents to pursue an ideological path that suited my own morals and intuition, always to assess things by their merit rather than someone else's beliefs. I pursued science in my tertiary studies and after working in laboratories for a number of years have recently made a side step in my career path into the civil engineering field.

Though I've been an atheist for as long as I can remember, I hold no serious grudge against the stupidity of faith based religion. I discarded those notions in childhood and aside from the occasional Seventh Day Adventist that knocks on my door, it rarely impacts upon my life other than to give me a few laughs once in a while. Though I do get rather frustrated by the trend I perceive here in Australia towards a less secular society, Christian groups in particular seem to be throwing their weight around in the political arena more recently and gaining more herd support.

I first came across Satanism and the Satanic Bible quite a few years ago and initially dismissed it as a lot of hocus pocus, a classic case of judging a book by its cover... I came across it again about two years ago during some personal study I was doing and decided to read it and was immediately captivated by the writing. Now this is where I've read that most people have their "light bulb" or "bolt of lightning" moment, seeing themselves reflected in the pages. For me it only sparked a little interest. While I could relate to the under lying philosophy, which aligned nearly perfectly with my own, I still couldn't quite get my head around it. I mean Satanism? Really? Magic? Rituals? Seems kind of silly...

Still, I enjoyed LaVey's writing style and intellect, so I ordered some of his other works online and three paragraphs into LaVey's forward in the Devil's Notebook I got my light bulb moment...

'Satanism calls forth the strong ability to turn a liability into an advantage, to turn alienation into exclusivity. In other words the reason it's called Satanism is because it's fun, it's accurate, and it's productive.'

I immediately put it down and re read the Satanic Bible and everything clicked into place. I've since obtained and read as much literature and information as I could obtain from books, the Church of Satan website and here, where the old threads provide many answers a new comer such as myself wants if time is taken to search them out. Taking a deep breath, casting aside my inhibitions I explored the possibilities of ritual and greater magic and was quite taken aback by the results obtained. I threw my lot in with the Devil last year and became a member of the Church, partly as a small indulgence for myself and partly a tip of the hat, so to speak, to LaVey and the organization he founded. And to be honest, it was worth the $200 just to see the reaction I got from the woman behind the counter at the local office supply shop where I took it to get laminated. Absolutely priceless...


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I loved, LOVED this introduction and do hope you post more.



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