I have read this book twice over now, and I must say it has opened my eyes to the degree in which Lesser Magic can be used to achieve a set goal. Even though I am a male I have found certain elements useful, or been able to imagine how I would flip some of the advice and apply it to myself.
When I first read it I was sure I was around the five o'clock range - however, upon my second read I became confused as to what position I could identify myself as. Maybe closer to an 8/9. So now I'm not so sure, which makes it that little bit more tricky when deciding how best to present myself. It is as if with each turn of the page my mind changes and I become more confused. Did anyone else experience this?
I am also gay, so I'm not sure as to how well this advice would translate into a "homosexual" setting in order to identify those I could easily manipulate into doing my bidding or charm. Would I be right in thinking I'd most easily find company in people to the right side of the clock? In my experience most guys aren't interested in someone in between marshmallow and rubbery flesh.
Would anyone here be willing to offer some advice, or provide a personal experience? I'd understand if nobody wanted to give away any of their "trade secrets" though.