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I have several questions. I live in eastern South Dakota. I had hoped to meet someone in person in order to get some answers. That has not worked out so well. Firstly, I'm confused as to the differances between satanism and atheism.

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Meeting someone in person? No.

Visit and read the Church of Satan website.

Purchase and read The Satanic Bible and Satanic Rituals by Anton LaVey.

That is the best way to start educating yourself about Satanism.

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Though Warlock already answered this one, I as individual member would say few words to this topic.

First: Church of Satan do not require meetings between members and non-members. It doen not require meetings between members either. If you want to meet Satanists you have to create the contacts yourself.

Second: cause we as Satanists do not practice any kind of evangelist action you should first understand our teachings and prove yourself that you have something to give to our members. You donīt just get something without giving anything back. You have to show you have something worth of meeting you.

Third: cause we do not proselytize people to Satanism we wait persons to find out themself what is it all about in Satanism. Satanists are born, not made so Satanists do not try to convert anybody to became Satanist. Either you are one or then not.

So like CWH already suggested you should first study our teachings and understand them before going on.

I am not spokesperson to CoS or Satanism, so these advices are obviously just my own opinions. I do not speak for Church of Satan but for myself!
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