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#479502 - 08/24/12 07:37 PM Rev. Ceaser??
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Ladies and Gentlemen:

Earlier this week, a colleague at work handed me a book entitled “The Satanic Bible” by Rev Ceaser 999 and told me I should read this, or at least breeze through it. Of course, I didn’t understand his sarcastic overtone, until I actually flipped through some pages.

Here is my question, Who the fuck is Rev Ceaser? From what I read, it seemed to be nothing but Church of Satan bashing.

If someone could provide intel in this guy, that would be great.

I am far too busy at work, to google this clown. Even now, as I write this, I have two cases to prepare for court tomorrow. I am merely taking a quick break to ask some of you knowledgeable individuals who this guy is.

I thank you for your time…….


#479504 - 08/24/12 07:51 PM Re: Rev. Ceaser?? [Re: Venator]
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You pretty much summed up who he is. He's a self-styled reverend pushing his own brand of "Satanism" and openly bashing the CoS. In summary, a coattail rider.

If my own memory serves I think he got his start on an old yahoo group back when that was actually a thing. I don't believe he's ever had even marginal significance other than tooting his own horn as loudly as he can. And by "not even marginal significance" I mean he ranks badly even among the dubious crowd of low level CoS bashers.
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#479506 - 08/24/12 08:03 PM Re: Rev. Ceaser?? [Re: Hagen von Tronje]
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Originally Posted By: Hagen von Tronje
If my own memory serves I think he got his start on an old yahoo group back when that was actually a thing.

Your memory seems to be in tip-top shape! I just did a Google search for my own sake of curiosity, hoping to find an information site (at least a Wikipedia listing!) ... There really isn't much in the way of fact pages, but there are a few for-sale sites offering said book, a Yahoo group page as you pointed out, and a MySpace page for a church of the antichrist (or something like that). I thought about going into the MySpace thing, then laughed and closed the search - not worth any more of my time! Just based on the first two pages of my results, I'm pretty sure his "career" has ended miserably. rip

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#479645 - 08/27/12 06:41 PM Re: Rev. Ceaser?? [Re: Venator]
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Mr. Hagen Von Tronje:

I thank you for your response. I had a little extra time this weekend and tried to find out who this dude is. The only thing I found is that he is a leader of “Church Of The AntiChrist” and he promotes his “Satanic Bible(s)” on a youtube channel.

Anyway, I am not going to waste my time with his non-sense. I read a few more pages of his “Bible” and it is nothing more than verbal attacks on the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey and the members.

He sounds like a Crip talking about a Blood, or vice versa. The guy is a joke. What I will do, as a side project, is let a friend of mine look into the Civil aspects of naming his book “The Satanic Bible” since I deal with the criminal element, and have no idea about Civil Law. I don’t think he can name his book that, since it is already copyrighted.


#479646 - 08/27/12 07:02 PM Re: Rev. Ceaser?? [Re: Venator]
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I'm just guessing, but my feeling is that he's found a legal loophole. The title of his book is "The Satanic Bible 2012", which is--ever slightly--different.

I'm sure it could be fought. I'm sure Budweiser would slap me with a million lawyers if I started brewing and selling Budwiser. But, does the end justify the means?

The genuine article is here. Rev. Caesar 999 could very well be doing the Church of Satan a favor by being the Church of Satan's unwitting shit magnet.

#479650 - 08/27/12 08:47 PM Re: Rev. Ceaser?? [Re: Venator]
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i don't think this will help CoS infact it will probably just bring conflict to laveyans everywhere if it gets well known so i say let him get some profit than sue the hell out of him (you know fatten up the sheep before you eat it)

#479654 - 08/27/12 09:08 PM Re: Rev. Ceaser?? [Re: ryanleman]
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You must be 18 or older to use this forum, and I suspect you are not.

#479656 - 08/27/12 09:15 PM Re: Copyright. [Re: TheAbysmal]
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Commercial products and their names are subject to copyright.

The content of literature and music is subject to copyright - but their titles cannot be copyrighted. That is why there are many examples of such with identical titles.
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