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Alright where to begin? Lets start with the fact that my getting to this is long over due. I first read the Satanic Bible in Aug 2001. It was part of an assignment due on Cults for my Sophomore English class. This was my awakening.

It was a group project and each of us were supposed to cover 3 cults. I was fascinated by the topic of which I new nothing about. Some of the groups we covered included Branch Davidians, the Moonies, Scientology, the Hare Krishna, and of course Satanism. Reading about these groups and their books made me see that people will believe anything. Seems if you put the words non fiction on it then it must be fact. Then hesitantly I read the Satanic bible not knowing how I would find the possibly gruesome pages within. I mean anyone who worships the devil must be nuts. As I read page after page I found no gruesome imagery but instead found logic and understanding. The realization became apparent that I was living the Satanic life style. A religion that makes sense is what I remember telling close friends. I loved science and I never doubted evolution. The explaining that these instincts I had were not the devil whispering in my ear but were purely just natural instincts that helped our race to survive just made perfect since.

After the power of the knowledge I had attained came the anger. The frustration that I was forced into a path. I felted lied to and ashamed of the fact that I had forced my religion on others. The light of the Crusades finally hit me. The fact that christanity was forced down so many throats. It still makes me sick really. But the anger has subsided and the realization that I made it out gives me hope for others.

From the day I finished the Satanic Bible I've called myself a satanist. I didn't join the church at first because I wasn't old enough. And then when I moved out at 18 I never seemed to have the money. For the first few years I was passionate about my new discovery and even kept a copy of the Satanic Bible in my car. I have never been one to come out and say Hi my name is _____ and I'm a Satanist. But if asked I would answer. I was often given the “Your a what? But you don't seem weird like that” remark or the "but you don't dress like that statement". Which I'd often answer back “and what am I supposed to be like” often followed by a “Why is that? Do you actually know any satanists?” but this started to wain. I stopped telling people so easily and just declared atheism. Then my passion was revived in 2007 with Magister Harris Satanism today. However at that time I was planning on joining the military. I actually emailed the Church at the time wondering about its Military standing and was suggested not to become a card carrying member until I was in and established which made sense. Well after being drug around for a year by the Coast Guard I decided I might make better headway with the Air Force. I was sworn in only to be dismissed two weeks later stating that upon further review of my medical record that the Air Force would no long accept me and if I was serious about serving I should try the Navy or Army. Then Obama passed the no waivers rule and my military hopes vanished.

Now here in 2012 I have my life pointed in a new direction and have new hopes and dreams for the future. I am going to school to be an Archaeologist. Its not going to be easy but I am almost done with the first hurdle and I'm looking ahead to the next. I love life and love being a Satanist. And I'm finally applying for membership and its long long long overdue. Well I hope I haven't bored you with my ramblings.

Hail Satan!

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"Welcome aboard" MustLoveSailing. grin
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Welcome, and enjoy the forums.

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A very thorough introduction! You've been patient and planned well. It sounds like despite some uncontrollable setbacks, things are falling into place for you. Good luck with your schooling, and welcome to the board!
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Welcome to the Forums!
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As I am new here as of tonight, I wish you welcome.
I found your intro to be refreshing. Your road here started about the same time as mine.


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