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#479734 - 08/29/12 03:42 PM Requesting help
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Good afternoon,

Sending this again

I seem to have a dalema, I would like your thoughts on the next book to be read on my list and your take on the book as well. First the books I have finished, and then the list of books I have just received.

I am sure you all have read the following books I have completed:
First without question, The Satanic Bible is on top of the list that I have read, and without a doubt the finest. Second that I have also completed, The Satanic Rituals. Another fine book well worth reading I thought, although I don't know how to apply this knowledge?
The Devil's Notebook was by far a classic that I found very informative, and entertaining!
The last that I finished speaks for itself, the book that this website was named after, Letters from the Devil. A very interesting find the Letters, but I thought the print was hard on the eyes, and had to use a magnifing glass to finish reading it!

At any rate, the list of new books that I am sure you can help with a suggested reading order, why this order, and your respected opinions of the choice in books.

The new books are: the Secret Life of a Satanist; The Satanic Witch; Satan Speaks!; and last but not least, The Satanic Scriptures.

Also, in the posting how would you suggest the best way to picking bones with others on topics from these books?

Thanks much for your help,
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#479738 - 08/29/12 04:37 PM Re: Requesting help [Re: Evisceratus]
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Read whichever one you feel like reading next.
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#479769 - 08/30/12 03:44 AM Re: Requesting help [Re: Evisceratus]
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If its a list of books worth reading, you may want to take a look at this blog.
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#479773 - 08/30/12 04:10 AM Re: Requesting help [Re: Evisceratus]
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Lives do not hang in the balance. Just pick one and go. You can't make a bad choice as to what you read next if those are your options.

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Yah i definitely like this forum better than any other place.

These people are pretty much correct in my opinion but another thing I employ is finding out there chronicle order so for 1. history makes my decision and sometimes you can see culture changes in writing style 2. I do not have to waste time on making a decision I just look at the publishing date than grab and go.
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