Magister Frost

If I may, I wanted to make a suggestion. If this was considered or possibly done before my time here, then I apologize.

What are the chances of having an upgrade with an Lttd Online Board Game section(forum)? Much like the Arcade link that was here before. Imagine playing Checkers (my favorite), or Chess with other CoS members in the downstairs part of the forum; this would indeed cut the traffic in half.

This could be a major improvement compared to the games that were here before. Maybe a scoreboard, and it could even have scheduled
matches or a quick game invites etc etc.

Something to ponder on.

Church of Satan

"We are superior, and are superior not by ethnic means, but by the superior force of the will -- the imagination, the creativity, and the very essence of resourcefulness, and survival, that is the heart and the very soul of the Satanist."
~Anton LaVey

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