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#454184 - 06/16/11 12:02 PM Disappearing Intro??
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Posted my "Introduction" Post yesterday, as far has I know I did not violate any of the forum rules, but now my post is gone.
Any insights on this would be greatly appreciated.

#454185 - 06/16/11 12:12 PM Re: Disappearing Intro?? [Re: JDL]
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Think about what you wrote in your intro, then the reason behind its "disappearance" won't be such a mystery.
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#454187 - 06/16/11 12:17 PM Re: Disappearing Intro?? [Re: JDL]
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Thank you for the input.

#467775 - 01/10/12 08:19 PM Re: Disappearing Intro?? [Re: JDL]
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Where do I write my intro?
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#467776 - 01/10/12 08:22 PM Re: Disappearing Intro?? [Re: Tutela Unus]
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You can write it in the General Satanism Discussions section.
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#480715 - 09/18/12 06:06 PM Re: Disappearing Intro?? [Re: Waya]
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dear colleague,i'm seeking wisdom,knowledge and riches like devil.
how can i gain these
thanks devil4

#480719 - 09/18/12 06:48 PM Re: Disappearing Intro?? [Re: devil4]
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You can start by making a serious attempt to communicate well. That's all I'll say.
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