I have sadly lost a good number of family and friends over my short life time, suicide, old age, tragedy - my uncle drowned just two weeks ago.

The thing that has always helped me get over losing someone I love(d) is simple, at least for me: remembering their life more than lamenting their death and just having a good hard cry, keeping the memories and the joy they added to my life and carrying on. Like Rev. Bill M said, when you lose someone you love you are never fully over it, there will always be some sort of void that cannot be refilled but finding the best way that works for you, is what works. We are all individuals, and that is why we are here on this forum. We react to things in different ways, what may work for one person will not for another, very cliche but also very true.

When I was younger I would hold my emotions inside, I would refuse to cry or grieve and it only caused me problems. Over time I have learned the best way for me to grieve, ritual, writing, and music are all big factors for me. There are still days I will think about someone that meant a lot to me and is no longer of this world, and it will get me down, but I think everyone is like that to some extent, it is a part of life.
"Inferior organisms succumb and perish or are enslaved. Superior organisms survive, propagate, and possess." - Charles Darwin