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#481145 - 09/27/12 12:06 AM Satanism and American Politics
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Hi; my name is Adam and I'm a journalist based out of New York City looking to write an article about the Church of Satan and the upcoming presidential election.

I've gathered from this website as well as that Satanism is an extremely individualistic philosophy, and that there's a strong emphasis on anonymity to keep members safe from fearful religious zealots. I also seem to be getting the vibe that there's no true "community" in the traditional sense of large group gatherings in the name of Satanism.

In any case, I have little interest in unveiling Satanists or trying to preach Satanists into converting to an orthodox Judeo-Christian faith. I want to write an article about Satanists and how different Satanists use Satanism in making political decisions. I am neither a member of the CoS, nor a critic. I'm a journalist.

If you'd be interested in talking to me, please send me a message. I'm also happy to meet up if you're in New York City.

#481146 - 09/27/12 12:23 AM Re: Satanism and American Politics [Re: AdamJ]
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You could send an enquiry regarding speaking to an official spokesperson from the Church of Satan here:

We will look at your proposal and get back to you if it all appeals to us.

I am such a spokesperson. But A. I am in England, and B. I am not personally inclined towards getting involved in the project.

Other than that posting a message on an internet board will most probably net you any old kook.

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Adam, also here is some specific information pertinent to your interest:

Church of Satan Policy on Politics.


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