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Chaos Sedated #152 Tier instinct Interview.
Radio Free Satan has a featured interview by Chaos Sedated
with our own Church of Satan Warlock tier Instinct.
Tier Instinct also debuts one of his tracts from his up coming new album.
Tier Instinct is one of the two producers of the V.A.S.C.A.
Radio program on Radio Free Satan.
Chaos Sedated interview #152 Tier instinct.

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This is indeed a magnificent interview with my esteemed co-host on this episode of Chaos Sedated. He provides a wide scope of background information on the VASCA & his upcoming album & I was also thrilled to get another splendid sneak listen of the new album.

Most recommendable!



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Oh you are promoting so well....V.A.S.C.A. Agent!

Witchy Woman!

LOL! "Only we know what we discuss".

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