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#481905 - 10/20/12 07:51 AM Intro.
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So thrilled to have found this forum. Looking forward to becoming an active member.
In short, I have always felt called to all things left/dark. I remember as a small child (who was raised in a VERY strict catholic home) scribbeling and drawing Satanic things and loving monsters and horror movies, etc. I tried to hide that aspect of myself but it always came back up. I tried the fundamentalist Xtian path for a while. It isn't who I am. It was actually having my own child that compelled me to leave the church. I couldn't subject them to the horrors and abuses I was subject to growing up. They need to decide for themselves. As in that I saw...hey, so do I!! So I did. I am, by nature, Satanic. Self denial seems like a waste of time. It's been a little over 5 years since I left the church and a few more years than that that I was inactive. They said my life would take a turn for the worse if I left. In that case I hope to fall even farther...never been happier!
Thank you for holding a place for people to come together and discuss. I know of noone like minded in my day to day life and this should help fill that need to a degree.

#481940 - 10/20/12 09:14 PM Re: Intro. [Re: eiraM]
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Right on. Never been happier either. A wholesome laugh from deep inside does sound spooky to others, but I love it. And it IS healing all the years of dealing with those two-faced liars and crooks. Oops. Hang on. Later.

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Greetings and welcome to the forums!

I wish you well in becoming a CoS member if you feel that it is right for you.

Hail Satan!

"The difference between the man or woman who's a practicing Satanist, from an identity Satanist is that the practicing Satanist looks at the picture, while the identity Satanist studies the frame."
-- Anton Szandor LaVey

"Anyone without a sense of humor is too pretentious to be a good magician."
-- Anton Szandor LaVey

Life Everlasting

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I don't know where to begin, being raised by pagan parents, and sent to Methodist Sunday School to get me out of the house: I am at a loss for words to express the relief, Yes, relief and joy to have discovered The Satanic Bible and its stark and liberating truth about who I am and who we are as creatures of this earth. I only just beginning my studies here; and i hope to learn more day by day, but one thing is certain, I will never be the same as before. the satanic bible has unleashed a power in me I never before know existed. My Midnight Pagan Ritual last night conjured the Devil in my imaging and I today have sense of empowerment and confidence I have never before experienced though years pagan magick and ritual are under my belt. Thank you. Johann

#482423 - 11/04/12 09:55 AM Re: Intro. [Re: eiraM]
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You are so right on mate. Thanks for the post.

#482424 - 11/04/12 09:59 AM Re: Intro. [Re: Johann Schmueser]
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I suggest copying your intro to a word editor, then using the "edit" function to delete your intro here (because you have piggybacked on another persons intro), then creating your own new intro post and pasting your intro into it.

Otherwise, it gets confusing to have two different peoples intros (and the replies to them) in the same thread.

We like things neat and tidy around here. I'll clean up the mess after your new intro is posted in the right place.

Thanks for doing that, and for your intro.


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