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#482448 - 11/04/12 10:31 PM I have to get this out of my head
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I have come to the belief that God is nothing more than a puppet master and Satan is the puppet who finally cut the strings. I believe God makes misery for people so they worship him. The bible is nothing but propaganda and Jesus was a PR guy. I think Satan saw what god was doing to us and decided to help us by showing us the true form of happiness of being oneself. Any thoughts? I needed to get this out of my head typed somewhere.

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#482449 - 11/04/12 10:50 PM Re: I have to get this out of my head [Re: Unleashed82]
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Are you saying that God and Satan actually exist?
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You're in the wrong place.
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Originally Posted By: Unleashed82

Any thoughts?

Yes. I think you donīt understand Satanism and what is it all about. I would recommend you to go to some Christian Heretic- Forum rather than start here with this issue!
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Our official answer in regard to these kinds of speculations is here and more generally here.

Read these few words and you will understand all of this much better.
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There is no god, you have no soul, life is an inherently meaningless accident of chemistry and the universe is indifferent to your existence.

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