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#495417 - 04/09/14 11:02 PM Ritual for my "dream job"
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Hello all, I recently applied for my dream job. I have been writing online about Japanese pop-culture (anime, manga and the like) for about six years now. A few days ago I found an ad online from a major anime site that is looking for a reviewer; It is important to keep in mind that this is a PAID position, so it will literally be a dream come true to obtain this job. I have done odd writing jobs here and there for pay, but for the most part I have been doing my writing gigs as an semi-pro/amateur.

I meet all of the requirements, and I definitely have the experience. So why am I so anxious? I even nitpicked over the application and noticed a teeny-tiny mistake that I made in my resume and started panicking. I need some advice as to what kind of ritual could be done so that I can purge myself of this worry before it becomes all consuming.

I'm inclined to think a compassion ritual would work best. I just want to know if anyone has any suggestions.
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#495418 - 04/09/14 11:32 PM Re: Ritual for my "dream job" [Re: Avaricious13]
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Why not devise your own, using the basic ritual structure as a template and adjusting it for your own purposes, envoking the appropriate keys, etc.?

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#495421 - 04/10/14 03:12 AM Re: Ritual for my "dream job" [Re: Avaricious13]
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I'd say that this would generally fall under the "compassion" category but what you call it is less important than its content.

If you find that the ritual created by Magus LaVey and published in The Satanic Bible works for you, then run with it. However, it's likely that you might have better luck purging yourself of anxiety if you modify his ritual or go back to the drawing board and create your own.

Do you earn a decent living at your current job? If so, once you have thoroughly "cleaned house" in your psyche via ritual, in order to keep from going back to that state of anxiety, just consider yourself lucky to have a job that allows you the time and financial stability to do what you love doing AS A HOBBY. Often, this situation is even preferable because there is no pressure or constraint from your employer forcing your hand and you are free to follow your passion in any way and at any speed that you wish. The advantages to this, creatively speaking, should be obvious.

If all falls into place, however, you might still wind up with that dream job. Here's wishing you a successful endeavor!

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#495423 - 04/10/14 02:02 PM Re: Ritual for my "dream job" [Re: Avaricious13]
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