The Seventh Tower of Satan
Doing Greater Satanic Magic In the Privacy of Your Own Mind

An mp3 recorded audio program
41 minutes

For many years Satanists have asked me how to perform ritual magic when they lacked a suitable place with sufficient privacy to do so effectively.

The purpose of this program is to enable you to merely close your eyes and in the privacy of your own mind enter into a private location of your own creation where you can do everything you could do in a physical ritual chamber and actually much, much more.

The Seventh Tower of Satan has a rich mythological history suggesting that it is the central tower of a chain of seven towers stretching some 300 miles from the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea to the Caucasus mountains of Russia.

Satanic magicians were said to have performed their magical rites at the central tower to then broadcast their will outward across the world to influence humanity as desired.

The Seventh Tower we will create together here will have a ritual chamber located at the pinnacle, leaving open the option for other subterranean chambers to be discovered below the tower as well. We will also create an altar and standard ritual devices so that no matter which chamber you choose to enter at any time you will have the same altar and ritual tools to work with there.

You may be surprised at how easy it will be for you to begin to see, hear and feel that you are actually experiencing what we will be creating together. This is because there is a part of your mind that knows how to create entire worlds in your dreams when you are asleep and we will be working with that dreaming part of your mind to mentally build and vividly experience the Seventh Tower of Satan.

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