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#497007 - 09/04/14 09:20 PM Bay Area/Northern California Satanists
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Beware, this is lengthy, and it may violate some board-something or piss off some board-someone about something or other, but all i really care about is the philosophy itself and showing respect to you and your domain, so forgive me if this does in fact do some pissing off, i truly mean no disrespect.
This post is not merely a question, but a request, and I understand if it is met with distrust. I have been reading LaVey's work since I was a young teen ager, and defending the Church of Satan and the philosophy for just as long. I choose "defending" because I advocate for no one. I affiliate with no one. I have no political party, no religion, no support group. I have family, friends, loved ones, and the rest of the world, who have the opportunity to prove themselves worth my time or otherwise. To call myself a "satanist" would be disrespectful to you true Satanists, and for those reasons, I still do not do so. That being said, my intentions here are simple.
I am a writer, a college student, a sociology major, and seeing as how it took me quite a while to align my behaviors with my values, I am too old to be in college and fucking around, so i choose to take my education quite seriously if i am to acheive my personal goals.
I must conduct sociological research on an organization of my choosing, most members of my class have chosen various churches. I think this voice deserves objective, rational, and intelligent representation in my forum. I would be honored, and grateful, if any of you could, or would, be willing to allow me to sit in on some organized, or at least semi organized, Church of Satan event. In return, I will do whatever it takes to earn your trust and demonstrate my respect and my genuine objectivity in my research and my reporting. I will have to quiet my biases in favor your philosophy, and that will be more of a struggle than the alternative, which i imagine would be your fear that i attempt to discredit or make a mockery of you and your Church. I am willing to discuss and divulge anything about myself to demonstrate my trustworthiness, and will maintain perfect anonynimity of any group i observe, i want the group to trust me, to be comfortable, and to just allow me to observe the meeting or congregation or ritual or whatever form of gathering your group will allow me to sit in on and then take my reports back to my school. Where it goes from there is up for discussion, and as i said i am willing to make any concessions necessary to appease the church or the group that i observe. I thank you for taking the time to read this, and regardless of your feelings on my posting here or my intentions, i hope you understand that i came to the Church of Satan for a reason. I respect the organization, the philosophy, all i know of the founder, founders, and anyone affiliated that i've known, which is more than i can say for most any other organizations i've read about or encountered.

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