I have read the Satanic Witch a couple of times. I am trying to peg down a guy and see where he falls on the synthesizer clock so that I can become the opposite. It's pretty hard for to me to do so far and I've been looking at physicality. Everytime I think I got it, I research an example or picture online and it throws me off. He is tall, has long legs but a longer torso. I would put him at 12, but his legs arent short. He is slim, with a wide back, and narrow hips, which makes me want to put him at a 3 because of the slim hips. He also gains weight in his stomach first, which makes me want to place him at an 8. I have problems with the synthesizer. I do know that he falls into the "ass grabber" category. I didn't fall advances to his prey, but rather I took advantage of him many times and still continue to do so. In this situation I am wondering what effect doing the opposite on the clock will do. I guess I am looking for help on how to use physicality effectively to pin it on the clock. I am also looking for experiences that people have had with ass grabbers so that I can learn.