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#497412 - 10/15/14 06:15 PM One question.
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My question is pretty simple. I am considering joining the church; should I submit an application and have myself deemed acceptable by the powers that be. . My dilemma, I hold the philosophy of Satanisam with high esteem. It was about three years ago I first found the Satanic Bible on the Internet, reading it out of pure curiosity thought if nothing else this will be good for a laugh. To my surprise I found myself relating to it more and more with each book I read, I now hold a copy on my phone. So should I become a member and meet someone who is agnostic or part of a secular church. Whom I love is my choice, right? I just don't want to get involved and start enjoying the benefits of membership only to be kicked out.

Thank you for your consideration.

#497414 - 10/15/14 07:42 PM Re: One question. [Re: MorbidMarauder]
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It's of no concern to us at all.
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#497422 - 10/16/14 12:14 PM Re: One question. [Re: MorbidMarauder]
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To confirm and amplify what Reverend Hagen said:

We don't care.
It's none of our business.
We'll never know anyway, how would we.
You can be straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transexual, or asexual.
You can be with an atheist, an agnostic, a Deist, a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Hindu, an animist, or a Reformed Druidic Zoroastrian Pagan Mennonite Catholic Fusionist, for all we care.

You'll reap the benefits or agony of your own choices in life. We don't monitor anyone's personal life.

The two main things that would get you "kicked out" (since this concerns you) are criminal acts (in which case good riddance) or taking explicitly anti-Church of Satan positions (in which case, why would someone choose to affiliate with us in the first place?).

So yes, love whoever you want.
We are the opposite of the sort of mind/life controlling theistic churches that would in fact expel you for not following a narrow and rigid code of personal association.
Hope that's now cleared up.
T’aa hwo’ aaji t’eego.

#497471 - Yesterday at 03:31 AM Re: One question. [Re: Quaark]
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Speaking of illegal activity, The Satanic Bible is a copyrighted work, and to date the publishers have not authorized an electronic copy. So whatever copy is "on your phone" is illegal, possibly also altered or incomplete from the original text.
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