Greetings all and a very wicked Halloween!! jack witch coopdevil

I am proud to announce that the Australian Satanic Message Board - The Devil Down Under - has been recreated and is back to stay!

The old board fell out of use years ago when the previous owner chose a different path, and although they left it open for take over it is only now with the initiation of CoS member Laren that the board has truly come back, better than ever.

Having a presence online has been good for networking in the past, and I would not have found my local Satanic brothers had the board not been around back then. Recent connections and media activity have renewed the desire for the DDU to come back, and we hope with myself and another CoS member Laren at the head of the project that it will chug along strong and steady for years, and serve to connect true Satanists Down Under to others of like mind.

It never was an extremely busy place before, so we've kept it a bit more compact so it's easier to navigate. When we've obtained proper permission from CoS Administration the board logo will feature the Sigil of Baphomet in matching style, and hopefully there will be a link to the board on the CoS homepage.

The board is aimed at Australians but we welcome and appreciate any true Satanists who are interested in contributing and socializing on the DDU! We anticipate that the forum may be a first point of contact for those who google Satanism and Australia, and interest in Satanism has been very high in the media here this year. We're grateful for our spokesperson CoS Warlock Marquis HK who has spoken eloquently many times and help put a more accurate picture of Satanism out in the public eye. Even tonight, for Halloween, they are being interviewed by a University Senior Lecturer for inclusion in a documentary.

Although in it's infancy now, we hope the board will grow and accumulate a collection of thoughtful and interesting posts over the coming years.

Stop by some time!