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#497814 - 11/15/14 05:58 PM Satanism and Beyond...
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I've felt for some time now that many Satanists begin discussions on this forum start with Satanism--which is its purpose, but quickly carry the discussion beyond the LttD forum's purpose and become middled between choosing to continue a discussion we're very much enjoying, and being respectful of the forum's purpose. I run into this all the time, and while the moderators here are very hospitable, I DO want to be respectful of the site's purpose, and some discussions just develop a mind of their own--and most discussion sites out there are not automatically friendly to Satanists and their perspectives.

So, today I've given birth to a new discussion site at:


For Satanists--or anyone for that matter, who would like to have discussions on any topic perhaps not directly about Satanism--but on a site that is run by a Satanist and looks after your interests, please feel free to stop by, register, and start a great discussion on any topic while enjoying an extremely flexible atmosphere designed and operated by one of your own, and friendly to the COS and Satanists in general.

Do be aware that my site is in NO way affiliated with the COS, LttD, nor presumes to represent nor speak with any authority on COS related topics, and any inquiry there will be advised to consult THIS site. I especially value COS clergy, and hope they'll become avid contributors as well.

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No sell. Respect is getting permission from the person who pays for this site of out pocket before redirecting his traffic to your site.

Respect might also involve not declaring yourself a Priest and engaging in aggressive civilian policing.

But that's not how things have played out, is it? You speak very sweetly but your actions do not match your words. Fair enough, my jackboots were getting dusty.

"The devil I'll bring you," answered Hagen. "I have enough to carry with my shield and breastplate; my helm is bright, the sword is in my hand, therefore I bring you naught."


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