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#498486 - Yesterday at 01:15 PM Some questions about addictions/compulsions?
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Hello, I am relatively new to learning about Satanism. I have read the Satanic Bible and was very impressed with what I read. I don't know if it is necessarily for me, but I try to be as informed as I can about religions, so that I do not fall into that group of people who unnecessarily make false assumptions about others.

A little background about me. I grew up in an ultra conservative protestant Xian home. My father was on the church board, me and me younger siblings were homeschooled with a Christian curriculum, you get the picture. I did the cliche thing of getting too far into partying as soon as I had any freedom and ended up at 18 in rehab for substance abuse disorder, an eating disorder, and major depressive disorder. So anyways, I was kind of wondering what the general attitude of the Church of Satan is towards addictions and the treatment thereof.

I have read about the indulgence not compulsion idea, and I do quite appreciate that, as it is how I have learned to get some of my compulsions under control. However, with others I have found even the slightest indulgence sends me over the edge. Also, I would be interested what Satanism thinks of the 12 steps programs and their emphasis on a "higher power" (When I have participated I have used the group or nature as my higher power). Would I be considered a weak person by other satanists for struggling with these things? (I don't mean to be rude or assuming if it comes off that way, I've dealt with quite a few of the "just pray it away" Xians)

Thank you for any feedback on these things. I am in medical school now and doing very well in recovery. It has been a few years since I really stopped believing in any of the Abrahamic religions and I am searching to find something that makes sense to me. The principles laid out in the Satanic Bible really do make sense to me and I can see how applying some of them could have kept me from getting hurt in the past.

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Also, I would be interested what Satanism thinks of...

You can stop there.

You can ask and then learn what different Satanists might think about most anything but I do not recall that the Church of Satan offers any official advice on therapeutic modalities for the treatment of any medical problem.

It sounds to me as though you need to get professional guidance from a medical authority such as duly licensed physician. As you are in medical school I would assume this would be easy for you to do.

Satanism respects reason and rejects faith-based religions in general. What makes sense usually works and what doesn't usually fails. Find out from someone truly qualified what works.

Your other concern over how you would be viewed ("Would I be considered a weak person by other satanists...") is itself rather self-defeating, if you think about it.

Trying to live up to the expectations of others creates never-ending problems. It places you under the opinionated thumb of others willy-nilly.

This problem is so common and so important that I finally created an audio program to address it in detail: "Discovering the Satanic God".

I would suggest that the most important step in applying Satanism is to decide to stop evaluating yourself and start only evaluating your actions. This is quite alien to most people but is, in part, why Satanists refer to themselves as the "alien elite".


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