Hello, all.

I am a college student writing a paper on Satanism (no worries, I have already read through all of your wonderful F.A.Q. pages, especially those concerning Press and Student research, so I am not here concerning anything you have discussed there).

I am also a longtime lurker here, and I am trying to discern how best to cite some of the brilliant replies given by Reverends, Priests, Priestesses, Magisters and Magistras on these forums. I have found several guides on how to do MLA citations of forum posts, but "the devil is in the details," as they say. wink I want to do this right because I desire to give credit where credit is due!

So, to any willing to answer:

  • Forum Name: Clearly it is "Letters to the Devil," but would you suggest adding the "Magister Ventrue's" aspect to that? (Making it "Magister Ventrue's Letters to the Devil" versus simply "Letters to the Devil.")
  • Forum Publisher: MLA Citation, it seems, will need me to include the "forum publisher." I'm assuming that's just the CoS, but if there's a different publisher that I'm not aware of, could you let me know? I would highly appreciate that.
  • Posts From Others: I understand that you each will require permission to quote your posts, but in general, I do have actual names available, so would you guys consider it ok simply to reference posters by their usernames? If not, perhaps "a Church of Satan Magistra/Magister/Reverend/Priest/Priestess" would suffice?
  • Permission: In regards to needing permission to quote, would it be appropriate to simply private message the people I intend to quote? Or should I ask them on the forums? Forgive me if I sound idiotic in asking that, it likely seems obvious, but I have never had to ask for explicit permission before, as I've been citing from books and articles in the past.

Just to clarify, I am writing a paper on Satanism for a course on new religious movements, and the intention is to present the CoS and Satanism as a whole as fundamentally different from the media's understanding of it. Your posts, the website's F.A.Q., and the primary sources linked to by the CoS do an excellent job at dispelling common misconceptions that I'm sure the paper's readers will have, hence my desire to use them in my research. I will use posts here (assuming I obtain the permission to do so) to supplement facts from both scholarly sources and primary CoS sources, in part because of phrasing differences from the F.A.Q. and in part because of the specificity of your answers on this forum.

I intend to only use posts from those who have answered questions on these forums, so only those who are members of the priesthood. This means that regular users who ask questions will not be referenced nor made in any way identifiable.

If you guys see any of this as objectionable right off the bat, let me know and I will modify my approach to the paper.

Thank you so much in advance for your time,
~ Xari