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#498624 - Yesterday at 06:57 AM The ingenuity of words and sincerity of authority
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This is not about hypocrisy. This is not about inconsistency.

Those themes are considered negative traits, but reasonable excuses for being unreliable.

Is there anyone on earth able to claim to be a satanist without being told otherwise by others? Does it matter what anyone else says?

Is there an authority who can say what to believe?

I'm an atheist who recognizes the capacity of religion as a social control factor and the creation of one or few individuals who have made it seem that their convictions are of great importance to other people.

This harvesting of souls is done through every community with the appropriate tendencies of fascism by requesting submissiveness.

Found already were the words that meant to say that the Church of Satan is a collective of atheists who do not believe in myths.

Here's the deal: Satan is a symbol the community tries to dissemble from it's original creation and mythological properties.

That same voucher went on to explain later that certain forms of inexplicable magic are considered plausible, even though people who have significant experiences are advised to invest their time properly into mental health care.

The community first denounces the possibility that people's convictions about the world are used as a means to measure alternative laws of nature and reality, yet unseen. Then it explains the few ways of magic that are allowed to be taken seriously.

A flawed, flawed, flawed gesture to those who have logical, scientific based morals and still preserve enough alternative ideas to potentially inform about a second nature.

The myth of Satan can't be denounced for what it resembles, even when a community does not wish or fear to represent the origins of magic and practices of the 'supernatural'. It means the community is narrow minded, afraid and excludes 'unwanted' people for their ideas.


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#498632 - Yesterday at 02:35 PM Re: The ingenuity of words and sincerity of authority [Re: SaintG]
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I'm sure there are going to be other people better equipped to answer all this, but I'll give it a shot, and other people are more than welcome to correct any flaws in my reasoning.

I have never been told I'm not a Satanist, and if somebody had the gall to say something like that, it would be a fair assumption that their own beliefs are free game for harassment, or at least they are open to being told they aren't whatever they claim to be...

The individual is their own authority of his/her own beliefs. You chose to be an atheist on your own. Nobody told you you had to be one, did they? If they did, you should probably do some soul searching, and see if that label fits you truly. It is bad for the mind to lie to itself.

By definition, an atheist is a person that does not believe in a true creator and all knowing god. A person can still be religious, and claim to be an atheist.

My goals and convictions are selfish, as I'm sure any other true Satanist would say. They involve myself, and to Hell with anyone else that tries to insert them-self into my desires. It is both unwanted, and rude, especially to a person that strongly believes in privacy. Only a mindless sheep would feel their path in life is important to other people.

We don't believe in myths anymore than we believe in sugarcoating our beliefs. We follow a metaphor that is recognizable to people in a certain capacity. We are strongly individualistic, we have our own pride, and we submit to no one that we deem unworthy of said submission. As I said before, we are selfish, and if we are otherwise, the other person is worth our kindness and love.

We aren't exactly hiding where our symbolism came from, now are we? I fail to see how this could be a problem. Most religions nowadays are tainted by Christianity, and everyone borrows from everyone else. If someone truly had a brand new, never before seen idea at this point, I would be amazed.

If you're seeing demons and claim Satan is literally speaking to you, you're having a mental episode and need help. Sorry, but that is not magic. Yes, we have rituals, but in many ways they are designed to be flashy and entertaining. Any true magic is used to better the self and the individuals environment, as it is not in any way supernatural. Some things just have to be acknowledged as such.

Again, we all know what people will interpret our beliefs to resemble. This has been beaten to death on many occasions, and isn't even worth bringing up anymore. If we cared, we would change the name.

It is human to be narrow minded, afraid and intolerant. We exclude people that believe murder and human/animal sacrifice is okay, and people that believe in an actual god creator that really exists, as that is not Satanism. Honestly, it is pretty frightening to realise there are people that think rape, murder, and ritual suicide are good for the sake of religion, but that is not how we think.
It's one thing to see, and another thing to study. Most people haven't studied a damn day in their life.

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#498635 - Yesterday at 04:26 PM Re: The ingenuity of words and sincerity of authority [Re: Ravarx]
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Your conceptions of magic do not necessarily represent mine.

On the other hand, you seem to argue the amount of authority in your representation regarding the "we" and "us".

Thank you for responding.


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#498637 - Today at 01:11 AM Re: The ingenuity of words and sincerity of authority [Re: SaintG]
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As far as I know there is no faction of the Church of Satan priesthood dedicated to policing those of us who may wish to don tinfoil hats, or experiment with magic mojos, or whatever else. Nobody expects you to agree with everything that some individual may have to say even if said individual is a Satanist.

There are a number of subjects that the forum wishes to address in private rather than out in the open, presumably because we do not enjoy the annoyance of addressing every naysayer, cross-bearer, or bone-picking fence-sitter, in constant debates on abortion, evolution, and whether or not "spirits" exist (stuff we've all been over a million times and have figured out for ourselves.)

Where you go from here is up to you. You aren't among enemies.
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