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#499248 - 06/25/15 03:27 PM About Rule #8
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As suggested earlier I'm making this post on this forum so that I may receive a complete answer.

I don't have many offline Satanist friends that's mainly why I'm here.

All in all, from what I've learned so far, there maybe many layers of meaning in few words, even if this was not the case with my particular question, I'd still want to learn more.

I don't understand what it is meant by "subject yourself" and in what context exactly? My previous post

#499250 - 06/25/15 06:37 PM Re: About Rule #8 [Re: Tory111]
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Altough I still have a question about Rule #8:

I don't understand it completely, I "interpreted" it as to keep to myself and don't interfere in other people's business, but when I read about other Satanists and how they apply this Rule, it looks like it means something entirely different from what I understand.

Originally Posted By: COS website
Rule 8: Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself. Source.

What is a rule? Clearly it is referring to what you need to do to play a game successfully.

For example a "rule of the Earth" for crossing the street is to look both ways first.

If you do not follow that rule you might still cross streets without a problem but it is still wiser to avoid such problems and better ensure that you will successfully cross streets by following that rule.

A rule is not based upon how many people actually follow it.

A rule depends upon whether or not it is a good description of how to play the game successfully.

So I would suggest that an underlying rule for the rules of the Earth is to NOT look at whether other people are following it but to instead consider how the rule will best serve you to succeed at the many games of life.

Complaining about something you didn't have to be affected by just makes sense to me.

I am reminded of a cat I knew who would curl up too close to a fireplace and then loudly complain because of the heat. grin


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