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#499508 - 07/21/15 06:15 AM satanic food culture
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Hello everyone. After a few years since joining the Church and lurking in this forum I have decided to share a thought. I wish it passes the "only write that which is worth reading" test.

There is another thread relating to food - ( That line of logic is not what I had in mind for discussion.

I was thinking - I would like to get my food on the aeroplane quicker. Ive seen the vegetarian, religious and other dietary needs individuals receive their food first on the plane. I want in.

As such I suggest a satanic food standard. Potentially could be called Victus from latin. Meaning alive, food/diet. Satan does not claim much in regard to actual food stuffs. The obvious (to me, at least) are goat, apples and black bread. Unlike Halal or Kosher there would be no limitation on what can be eaten. I have been told a saying "Chinese eat everything with four legs but the table". This mentality is appropriate. Human beings are quite capable digesters. The meta tribe that form the Churches members would be from a large and varied cultural background. As such the table at which Satan eats would be the most varied, delicate, delightful and intriguing to the palate.

However, like Kosher and Halal, the method of slaughter would be important to make the standard "stick". The animal must face west. This is the single largest standard of Victus. All other standards of slaughter I am aware of have the animal facing east. Like the altar of flesh on the west wall having the animal too facing west to celebrate the flesh and sustenance the animal will provide for us. Victus could be a third side solution for those who are in opposition with halal or kosher meats and desire another choice. The actual tools of slaughter are whatever are quick and necessary. no inhumane treatment of the animal prior to slaughter. no recitals delaying death. the less stess the animal experiences the better and greater tasting for us. Dead calm is a tasty animal. That is why, for example, when cooking live crab or lobster they are placed into the freezer first for a hour before cooking.

If, like kosher, there were any separation standards for Victus, the tools and methods of Faust will guide us. wash your hands! keep cooked and raw food separate. do not use the same utensils for raw and cooked food. keep hot food hot and cold food cold etc etc very atypical food safety. Nothing special there and most of that kind of stuff is legislated and regulated for the most part.

The Church of Satan has legal hooks (ie pays taxes, recognised religion status) - let them be appropriately used, and expanded, in a manner that benefits the meta tribe and others who would prefer a more humane secular slaughter methodology.

Who doesn't want their food on the plane faster?

Thanks for reading

PS I like and enjoy aeroplane food. I have been told the constant LOUD noise from the engines and pressurised cabin interferes with the ability to taste food. This is why most individuals interpret aeroplane food to be bad.

If this is your experience a potential solution to improve the taste of your food are ear plugs. The generally orange bullet kind used in loud construction, processing plants etc. It works for me but I am unsure if it is a mind over matter type solution or an actual one.

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I enjoyed reading your thoughts on how to get your airline food faster.

Somehow the idea that the Church of Satan ought to bother "fighting" for some "dietary recognition" (if I may coin a description) sounds somewhat self-defeating and more in line with seeking publicity.

We don't need publicity, to be frank! grin

I do not speak here for the Church of Satan as policy, but I do believe I can offer a more direct suggestion to solve your personal issue.

Just pre-order the kind of meals that are already offered that you note are being served first.

Win-win and without any hassle or meaningful effort!

Why try to cover the earth with leather? Just wear shoes! grin

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This made me smile and chuckle (in a good way!)

Doubtfully feasible, though. Also, would flag you as a Satanist when travelling to countries that really wouldn't look favourably upon it...

Customs officer: And I see that you have ordered a Satanic meal on the plane... Come this way, please...

Would make for a few nice stories in line with this one, however:

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Thanks for the responses.

I have carried my Red Card through airports many times before with no issue. Dumb luck?

Be careful in Canada? Funny smile I am of Australia and from the outside it had seemed to me Canada is a rather tolerant place. Preconception in the bin.

That makes me reevaluate traveling with ritual paraphernalia. I had intended to so later this year when I goto Japan to see some family. I travel hand carry so I only would have carried my black book and flag and acquired local items for the other paraphernalia. No where to hide book and a flag in hand carry. Too large for my prison purse. hehe.

Just maybe being refused entry is not worth maintaing routine.


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