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#501461 - 08/24/15 02:27 PM How do you define "love"?
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Is it merely lust or something else? What do you make of this under the carnal philosophy of Satanism? Is there room for a wider definition of love? Do you think love is a form of "intellect decompression"?

I am curious to know your opinion on this. Specially from married Satanists/Satanists in long relationships.

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#501479 - 08/24/15 08:11 PM Re: How do you define "love"? [Re: El Dragon]
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Something else. Something more.

Lasting romantic love results from your personal choice to perceive and treat the other person as the other most important person in your life.

As the God of your own life you are the "given". Beyond that "given", when your partner is the Number One most important individual in your life then you have the potential for lasting romantic love.

When both partners view and behave in that way toward each other then that is what can result in a truly lasting and fulfilling relationship.

I myself have had exactly that kind of relationship with the same woman for over four decades.

It can work very well indeed if you are both willing to understand this issue of valuing the partner in this way.

#501485 - 08/24/15 08:57 PM Re: How do you define "love"? [Re: El Dragon]
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I've only been married for six years, but I would define love as strong emotional feelings for one another in conjunction with a mutual sexual attraction and even more importantly, compatibility for the long haul.

Compatibility of course covers a wide spectrum of characteristics: attitudes toward money, shared interest in leisure activities, mutual respect of each other's beliefs and ideals, goals, choice of friends, interactions with family members, etc.

In short, my wife and I make a good team.

My conception of love is really not very "romantic"; it is more practical.
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#501530 - 08/25/15 01:44 PM Re: How do you define "love"? [Re: Dax9]
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I have also been married six years.

To me love is more respect than just lust for something. My husband is also my best friend and we share common view of this reality.

Love and respect, I think, births when someone stimulates you by the way you want to accumulate it to become part of you.

In that sense me and my husband are more as a couple than we would be as two separate persons.

I am not sure did I give you much. This is the way I see it.
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#501537 - 08/26/15 03:32 PM Re: How do you define "love"? [Re: El Dragon]
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It doesn't exist beyond anything other than a self-sufficient delusion.

I am not immune to it. But that is what it is. Objectively speaking.
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#501577 - Today at 05:04 AM Re: How do you define "love"? [Re: El Dragon]
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I tend to think of love when it relates to partners in two ways, romantic love and familial love. I think either one can come first or last. For me romantic love is usually foremost, followed by familial love. When the romance ended if I did not have familial love, I don't have a high interest to interact with that person. Familial love which I also have for a few of my friends, feels like a bond that is forever there. When my mind wanders I will think of them and wonder how they are.

I know that I choose to have romantic love. I know when I start feeling love towards a person, and make a conscience decision to let it happen by spending more time with them, or walking away from them.

When in love, I know, because I want to spend time with that person. Their voice, the image of their face, sends me some good happy chemicals to my brain. I do believe that I can steer myself into romantic love with someone where it isn't just by chance.

Then if they become unhealthy for me or unmanagable. Hurt shows up, that are like bricks that go into a wall of protection, sealing off the romantic love feelings. Their voice, their face, no longer has anymore effect than a close family member.

Familial love, I don't know what it is. If it can be switched off, I don't know how to do it.

Also, I can have a sexual relationship with someone without any romantic love. I can develop familial love with that person that never develops into romance. So to me, lust is not love.


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