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#502557 - 03/31/16 01:14 PM General Questions on COS
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Hi all! Currently a non-member but had a few curiosities and questions in regards to a few things, please excuse my ignorance if these have been asked before, but I did browse thru here and didn't see anything.

As far as the Church of Satan, I guess it really might get down to each person's personal experiences, but what is your stance on people that aren't materially successful or people that are poor (as in financially) or people that are weak or sick? I've heard a few different opinions (one person who was apart of the COS) state basically *FU*K the weak* and don't have compassion for anyone or empathy for anyone. Is that an official stance of the church, or is that up to each individual? Thanks for reading and any replies. smile

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I suppose most of us would define weak as being someone who refuses to find strength inside themselves.

As far as the physically disabled are concerned, there are a number of CoS members who have physical disablities.

Some CoS members are financially well off. Some less so. Some of those who are less so are working within their field of endeavour to attain more for themselves. Some are happy with what they've got.
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