In the highly probable, but still yet to be determined event that I submit an application for affiliation; is a letter of rejection or any form of notice provided? If so, would this notice provide reasoning in greater detail than the standard job rejection letters?

I.e.; The letter has more than the words "We are sorry to inform you that you would not be an excellent part of our team."

The three months of suspense would be exhilarating (actually serious), and I'd rather it end with a brick wall. Instead of realizing six months has passed and not a word has been spoken.

I tend to move a lot, it's a part of my lifestyle. Is it possible to request a stipulation? That my address is confirmed before mailing the verdict.

And someone slap me if this answer is anywhere on the site. I searched pretty hard.


The FAQ sections says reading both TSB and The Satanic Scriptures are mandatory. But the affiliation section only phrases is that the latter is more of a suggestion. I am still working on the scriptures. Fair chance I'll be finished long before making the decision, but it is good to know.

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