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#503071 - 07/01/16 10:22 AM Wife is going to read TSB
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I have been studying the amazing works of Dr LaVey. I have really found myself in the TSB, and I regularly talk to my wife about the subject matter. We have great conversations and discussions. My wife, who has never spent anytime caring about, or given much thought to religion/philosophy at all, and generally changes her identification depending on who she is talking to, now wants to read the TSB. I'm surprised she has interest in it, given her past disinterest.

Part of me is really excited that she wants to read TSB, I know it will fuel deeper discussions, and furthering ourselves by delving into the study. Even though I'm excited, I am refraining from promoting it to her or pushing it on her. If she finds herself in the TSB that's great, but if she doesn't that's okay too. I have seen and read, that Satanist are born. She either is a Satanist or she isn't. However, I am excited by the prospect of studying and discussing with her on a deeper level, if she discovers she is a Satanist.

Either way, the focus and direction I have gained has been amazing. When I first realized I was a Satanist after reading the TSB, it felt great, but looking back on it, it is the study and me putting that study into action that is focusing me and allowing me to further myself. Satanism seems to me to be about action, personal action.

I am taking my time and ordering a few official books here and there to further my study. I am not speeding through this literature, I am enjoying and digesting it on my own terms. I have also enjoyed reading question/answers on this forum, and wanted to thank all of you for being part of my study and journey just by reading questions and responses on this forum.

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#503072 - 07/01/16 08:52 PM Re: Wife is going to read TSB [Re: JohnnyRedcap]
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That's huge!

It's an intensely personal journey. I've been working my way through LaVey's books over the past months. The philosophy has a remarkable way of cutting through bullshit.

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#503074 - 07/02/16 05:27 AM Re: Wife is going to read TSB [Re: JohnnyRedcap]
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Awesome. I remember my emotions when my mother accepted to read it. I remember her laughing while reading The Devil's Notebook also.

I loved the very process of her reading Satanic literature, listening to impressions ) it was as good as experiencing a tasting menu in a good place ))

Enjoy )
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#503076 - 07/05/16 02:56 AM Re: Wife is going to read TSB [Re: JohnnyRedcap]
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My wife has always been accepting of my Satanic nature but I remember very well the day I came home from work and heard the words, "I think I've realized today that I don't really believe in God anymore."

From there, it was a short step to her delving into Satanic philosophy and really attempting to understand it. She has since taken to wearing a Baphomet pendant and proclaiming herself a Satanist.

It's a nice feeling to have that in common with a partner.


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