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#502633 - 04/12/16 10:40 PM Membership Qualification Question
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First off, sorry if my name sounds cheesy, but it has a deep personal meaning to me. After all, I believe all power comes from Satanic principles.

I'm trying to find my way, I 100% agree with everything the Church of Satan believes except for one thing. I'm a spiritual satanist (I believe Satan is real and identify with him instead of the common idea of God).

My question is, can I still become a member of the Church of Satan? Or even an active member?

#502636 - 04/13/16 10:34 AM Re: Membership Qualification Question [Re: PowerIsSatan]
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No. We wouldn't want you as a member.
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#502644 - 04/13/16 08:06 PM Re: Membership Qualification Question [Re: PowerIsSatan]
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About that one thing.

Satanism is not about beliefs anyway.

Since you are 100% on board except for this one belief, you are close.

Drop the superstition and you will be on board.

However the Church of Satan really and truly views Satan as a purely mythical creation of the human mind.

This is found in all of our literature.

I even wrote about this issue many years ago here.

So PoweIsSatan, the fact of the matter is Satan-Is-Metaphor.

Or as I like to often suggest, if Satan were real then he would never lower himself to join any group that would believe in him! grin

#502646 - 04/13/16 09:58 PM Re: Membership Qualification Question [Re: Nemo]
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Ok I will work on it. I'm just trying to reconcile the idea that there is no afterlife, as one priest told me years ago through email. What do Satanist do when they think about that?

#502657 - 04/14/16 01:28 PM Re: Membership Qualification Question [Re: PowerIsSatan]
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There is a difference between a short SIMPLIFIED answer versus a longer more detailed answer that may require a LOT of new thinking to understand.

Sounds to me like you were given the (usual) simplified, sound-bite answer.

Try to get this:

Satanism is about DOUBT and not CERTAINTY.

If you want CERTAINTY about afterlife suggestions you have zillions of faith-based religions out there who will assure you and those who come to your memorial service that they KNOW there is an afterlife.

If that is your cup of tea then have at it. You will be surrounded and assured by BILLIONS of other true believers.

But here we simply say it is wiser to not PRETEND you are CERTAIN about what happens after you are dead since... (Drum roll please!)...

You are not dead yet!

Satanism says DOUBT will set you free from the "certainties" of faith.

Faith is, after all, believing something is true just because you do.

Satanists do not BELIEVE in an afterlife.

That's because unless and until YOU are really, really dead (and stay that way!) you cannot KNOW if there really is an afterlife or not.

You can SUPPOSE there isn't.

You can SUPPOSE there might be.

But like virginity, you either are dead or you are not! grin

Evidence can lead you to support your ASSUMPTIONS but this is an area that could fool you the end!

So NOW you have TWO agendas:

1. SATAN as a real guy. (NOT part of Satanism).
2. BELIEF in an afterlife. (NOT doubt since you lack personal validation you silly, still-breathing person you! grin )

Maybe as you keep digging in your gradually-surfacing and increasing pile of issues you really need to be willing to question (DOUBT!!!) all these BELIEFS you have before you think you are a Satanist.

Satanism is not just mindlessly screaming "Hail Satan!" to antagonize people who think you are kooky.

Satanism requires study.

Increasingly it sounds to me that you first need to do A LOT MORE STUDY!


#502706 - 04/20/16 10:29 AM Re: Membership Qualification Question [Re: PowerIsSatan]
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Originally Posted By: PowerIsSatan
Ok I will work on it. I'm just trying to reconcile the idea that there is no afterlife,

I don't see what belief in an afterlife necessarily has to do with belief in a deity. There are plenty of people who believe in one of those two ideas but not the other. Satanists of course reject both notions, at least in the literal, non-metaphorical sense (e.g., viewing oneself as ones own "god" isn't actually theism, and thinking that you will "live on" after death via the people you've made an impression on or the work you've created isn't really belief in a supernatural afterlife).

Personally, I think this is one of the simplest debunkings of the notion of an afterlife:
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