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#503298 - 08/22/16 07:41 AM Questions On Registered Membership and Active Membership
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I've come to the conclusion that membership is the next logical step in order to better interact with the community. Currently my only barrier (and it's a rather self imposed one due to a slight sense of frugality) is that I would like the Canadian dollar to come a little closer to par which I expect to happen in the next month or two, at least to an acceptable level.

I am getting a little ahead of myself but as i see myself benefiting from my adoption of the principals of satanism into my life I'm starting to think that eventually I could see myself contributing back to the community. When I listen to Radio Free Satan for instance, I really understand how it benefits the satanic community by promoting positive satanism through it's music and commentary shows and with the media attention towards satanism right now I think it's a very important part of preserving satanism by opening the door to those who really want to learn more. With that I had some questions about levels of membership and how they relate to the satanic community.

For one, what is expected of an active member, particularly in the first degree. What does the CoS look for in it's active members? In the questionnaire provided on the CoS web page it asks allot of questions which I understand are to determine how well one fits into the CoS and to filter out some of the less representative "satanists" who might apply. Some, though, have to do with what tangible goods or services one could give to the CoS. I think this is reasonable especially since the whole point of active membership is to participate in the satanic community however I would just like to look into it a little further. I could, for instance, offer help in wordpress web design or light photography services to other members and would even benefit from the experience personally however I could not, lets say, regularly donate large sums of money.

My second real question relates to how different degrees of membership can speak publicly about the CoS and satanism in general. For instance, If I were to start a podcast right now that occasionally had satanism as a topic I would obviously not speak on behalf of the CoS and would not label myself as being affiliated but from what I understand, such topics would still be fine since anyone can discuss just about anything under those circumstances. Registered membership that isn't active membership seems to have similar circumstances and I even believe I found something to that effect on this web site. Would active membership be a logical step if I wanted to include topics of satanism online? How much can one talk about the CoS and it's written material at the registered membership stage and the first degree of active membership. I believe that proper representation of the CoS is a big part of active membership and I wholeheartedly agree that this would be important. I believe this would be the next step if I were ever to be public about my satanism to my friends and family. Currently, only a select few friends even know about my interest in the subject and even then I haven't given any details about it.

Thanks to all who take the time to read this wall of text and even more so those who take the time to answer it.

Hail Satan!

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#503300 - 08/22/16 01:33 PM Re: Questions On Registered Membership and Active Membership [Re: SteveVal]
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Originally Posted By: COS website
Be certain to keep us updated with any changes to your postal mailing address, as well as any developments in your life which would be pertinent. Your patience is appreciated.

For details on public representation of the COS please read:

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Thanks for the direct links Magister Nemo. I thought I read most of the information on the CoS web site but I'll give it a thorough re-read.

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