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#503624 - 10/30/16 05:57 AM Project Faust
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I've been digging through the internet, and this forum, for any mention to the potential book 'Project Faust' which Magister Svengali mentioned was in the works to be written in his book Essays in Satanism.

The only thing I have found on the internet is a 2005 blog post mentioning Project Faust, so my first question is: Has a more detailed outline of Deep Satanism been abandoned or is it accessible through a means I am unaware of?

My second question is if the book expanding on the basic outline has been abandoned are there archived forum posts that expand on his basic outline from his book in the members only section to this forum?

I realise that there is more than enough information to get started on a few thousand years of study - I was just curious if there was any more material available dedicated to the study of Deep Satanism itself?

#503680 - 11/15/16 04:59 AM Re: Project Faust [Re: Harm_Wulf]
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Apologies, but are these questions unanswerable?

#503681 - 11/15/16 11:34 AM Re: Project Faust [Re: Harm_Wulf]
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As I myself do not know the answer, may I suggest directing your question to the author?

#503893 - 12/29/16 07:21 AM Re: Project Faust [Re: Harm_Wulf]
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Originally Posted By: Harm_Wulf
Apologies, but are these questions unanswerable?

Have you bothered to notice that this messageboard (and messageboards in general for that matter) doesn't really get much traffic in this day and age of social media? If nobody's around who might know the answer to your question, then you're likely to not get an answer.
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