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#504370 - 04/14/17 04:08 PM Doktor LaVey's Opinions vs. "Satanic dogma"
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In the latest essay by Magus Peter H. Gilmore, "Yes, We Have No Occultism" it is stated that Doktor LaVey never advocated occultism. Is there a difference between Magic and occultism? May be it is a language thing, that I'm missing.

Also, I saw a video of Doktor LaVey where he stated that he practiced Magic.

In a recent episode of Speak of the Devil, it is also stated that Doktor's LaVey misanthropy and pee fetish are personal preferences of his. So, not all Satanists must agree to them.

I'm just curious where is the line drawn between Doktor LaVey's opinions and what constitutes Satanic principles.

Also, was Satanic Magic just showmanship all along? Did Doktor LaVey believe in the powers of Magic, or used it to mock religion and\or plain psychological need?

The Seventh Satanic Rule comes to mind.

Lastly, I love to indulge in Magic, and the Occult. I'm wondering if Satanism is just a materialist philosophy dedicated to rational self-interest, and if the practice of Magic, from a Satanic perspective, just another form of self-deceit, or there is something more to it than just showmanship.

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#504377 - 04/18/17 04:22 PM Re: Doktor LaVey's Opinions vs. "Satanic dogma" [Re: Jupiter]
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Actually the FAQ addresses all of your questions very clearly:

"Occultism" is specifically linked to a belief in supernatural entities here:

So to offer a rough summary, magic is something YOU do, not someone else and especially not someone who does not exist. grin

Finally note this:

Originally Posted By: FAQ Ritual and Ceremony
There is no judgment placed on members of the Church of Satan regarding their personal understanding of how ritual functions. One is not more or less of a Satanist based upon his or her evaluation of Greater Magic. See the essay, On the Role of Ritual in the Life of a Satanist by our High Priestess, Magistra Peggy Nadramia, for more information.


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