Hello all. I have not posted in about 6 years and so I feel like I am not the same person who originally came to the philosophy of Satanism all those years ago.

I have inherited children, a wife and a good job. I owe it all to a change in perspective and have a lot of gratitude to those who challenged me and were contrary causing me to appreciate myself and grow beyond myself.

I was really wordy before and probably more grammatically correct, but I think as I was younger probably didn't really do much but play myself up as an intellectual, which I am but also very full of myself.

What I missed about being here is being told the truth. That is something which taken in doses can be very helpful.

I love being contradictory as well, I miss this and however long the forums hold my fancy I am willing to have some fun. I love the intelligent people here and even if I don't reply I love reading these ideas!

Thank you everyone and I hope to engage more people in thoughtful discussion.