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#504554 - 06/25/17 10:35 AM Love help please
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Hello! I was wondering if anyone could help me/give me any insight on casting a love spell that breaks free will or a good way to summon dantalion to help me. Because I'm a member of the same sex in love with a member of the same sex who is completely against dating me because of that. Please help, I know not a lot of people are for love spells, but please!
Thank you!

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I'm still new to Satanism, anyone is welcome to correct me if I'm wrong. One of the Satanic rules include not making sexual advances to anyone unless they've welcomed it. In your case, don't you think in a way you'd be going against this? Whoever you are trying to put a spell on if I understood your post correctly may not be welcoming your advances to them. You strip them of their free will means they aren't mentally able to make alternatove choices (that they would have if they could) and you're are taking advantage of them as much as it may seem like they willingly gave themselves to you.

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Unless I've totally misread your post it sounds as if you're trying to change someone's sexual orientation to suit your desires. In other words, you're hoping to force someone to do something against his nature. Within The Satanic Bible you will find this "rule":

Magic is like nature itself, and success in magic requires working in harmony with nature, not against it.

In The Satanic Witch there is a section that warns of "The Folly in Trying to Charm a Self-Aware Homosexual". Of course, that scenario is different from yours, but the dynamic is the same -- attempting to seduce someone into changing their sexual preference. There is a lust ritual in TSB that you can try, but it will be doomed to fail unless your target has a predisposition to desire you.

or a good way to summon dantalion to help me

Dantalion? It sounds very much as if you are regarding Dantalion as a real being. Satanists do not believe in "demoms" as real entities, only as symbols or archetypes. I know there is a list of Infernal Names in TSB, but don't take them too literally!
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