My birth was in the cold morning of winter. Little did I know, a God was born. With the capability of both good an evil, of both light and darkness.

I was brought up believing in an external god, one that was "just" and "righteous" and had a reason for every action he made in my life. I was brought up never reading the bible, but being told that it was the truth. Force fed the lies of several churches, never really finding the peace and prosperity that was promised if I were baptized, or remembered all the books of the bible, or joined this group or this church. Tired of the promises, I wandered so far in my studies that I discovered I was being taught philosophy as if it were the truth.

While I discovered truths to some stories and the backgrounds, I still found myself wondering why we felt this need to believe in anything at all. Humans are animals capable of incredible thought, evolved and refined to the point of ultra success in the animal kingdom. Humans had once thought of the idea of a god, and the churches of today are what tells us what is considered good and evil.

I choose to believe that I am the God of my own life. I am capable of any and all good and evil that I produce. I am solely responsible for my own actions and will never turn down the consequences of my actions or react in fear. I have thrown away all the religious symbols that I was told would protect me, for they do nothing for me and have done nothing for me.

I am the creator of my own life. I am the wonder that is human.

~Miss Lovely~

A simple complication.
A beautiful disaster.
Unnatural. Unwavering.